Get Involved

We look for outgoing and enthusiastic people to join our team in a variety of roles. Our positions include paid and volunteer work. We strive to recruit locally to the event we are hosting, yet we have staff that work at multiple locations across the UK.

The main roles we recruit for are:

  • Actors - (Ex Military Character)

  • Zombies

  • Make Up Artists



As a Zombie you will be tasked to scare our customers. You will be the face in their nightmares for years to come! The role of Zombies are on a volunteer basis and are therefore unpaid. We work with local colleges and education institutions and a lot of our Zombies use this experience as work placement hours. We supply references upon request for any Zombie who requires one as well as a truly fun night to remember!

No experience is needed to become a Zombie as we will train you! There's no upper age limit on becoming a Zombie and we take on people from any background.

Make Up Artists

We need Make Up Artists who are able to deliver fantastic, realistic and excellent results in timed conditions. A lot of our MUA's also decide to become a Zombie as well and stay for the whole experience. We provide all the tools required for the job and just rely on your expertise.



Ex-Military Character

Actors are a core part of our experiences. We need confident, extrovert and quick thinking people to ensure our guests get the experience they deserve. We look for people who aren't afraid of interacting with our guests and can deliver a top performance.

We look for Actors who will play the role of an ex military soldier. You will be tasked with leading groups of 12 around all areas of a shopping centre whilst remaining in character. They need to be quick on their feet and respond to any question our guests have, whilst delivering the storyline and not breaking character.

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